about us

MEGAFLEX Schaumstoff GmbH is an independent polyurethane soft foam manufacturer being engaged in the production and processing of foams for more than 50 years, already in second generation. In 1991, the entire family-run company was relocated to Guben, a small town at the German-Polish border. This geographical location allows a tight connection to both, Eastern and Western European markets. It is centerd right in the middle of Europe and thus in a large demanding market for PUR flexible foams. MEGAFLEX Schaumstoff GmbH has been able to produce up to 45.000 tons of polyurethane flexible foams per year since the commissioning of the most modern and largest foaming plant in Europe. In addition to classic foam products such as raw blocks, ready-made articles, etc., MEGAFLEX manufactures finished mattresses and sleep products for more than 10 years by now, using state-of-the-art quilting and sewing technology. MEGAFLEX fabricates these products exclusively as so-called “white label”, meaning for industrial service only.
Constant investments in buildings, production- and storage areas as well as in state-of-the-art machineries enable MEGAFLEX to respond to any customer request, callings for vertical ranges of manufacture or large quantities. The medium-sized company structure is characterised by a close customer proximity effect, which enables MEGAFLEX to react immediately on customers’ requests, guarantees short delivery times and optimally satisfies the customer-specific demands. MEGAFLEX’ customers benefit from many years of experiences in MEGAFLEX’ core businesses.


...Europe’s most modern foam plant and production line was built...